oktober 30, 2017

Better Birds

Better Birds from Tessa Langeveld on Vimeo.

text for voices

Do you know the problem?
What is the  problem?
I don't know.
Does anyone know?
I feel stuck.
Me too.
We all do.
I got one question.
Me too.
We all do.
Do you cause your own suffering?
We all do.
So, then what's the problem?
I don't know.
We don't know the problem.
Is there even a problem?
Yes there is.
I feel it.
Of course we can't.
That would be too easy.
Is that a bad thing?
No it's not.
It's nooooooooot.
We do know that we are causing our own suffering.
Why not stop?
We watched a movie.
It was a midnight when a girl walked into the kitchen.
She saw a human-sized grasshopper making marmelade sandwiches  near the kitchen counter.
That is oooodd.
Yes it is odd.
What did the grasshopper do?
What did he do?
He looked at her in fear, then his gaze softened as she noticed that he recognized her.
That is also ooooodd.
Hmmm yes it is.
He gave her a sandwich out of respect. She ate it.
What did it taste like?
I do not know.
That's what they DIDN'T tell me.
That's oooooooodd.
Yes it is.

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